M6-1 Recoil insert

My day for obscure questions…

Anybody got one or two M6-1 recoil inserts to spare, or know where I can buy just inserts? I’ve drilled and tapped the job and really just need one insert.

Bolt shops I rang today would only sell the full kit with tools, and I already have the toolset. Failing that, anyone know an LBS that can/will do recoils?

is that for a machine gun?

haha someone had to ask :mrgreen:
But seriously, what are "M6-1 recoil inserts "?

You mean helicoil? Have you tried Abbotsford & Human Powered? I’m sure they have the gear, maybe just for cranks though.

Or… M-16 recoil spring:

m6. you can see the recoil inserts just behind those hydraulic hoses.

they’re like a helicoil, just a different brand and they come in small sizes, M6 means 6mm metric thread. useful for stripped threads in things like stems (ie my current problem). bike shops don’t usually keep 'em that small.
I’m going to abbotsford tomorrow, I’ll ask them.

Southern Bearings in Abbotsford will have them.

Looks like something off the robo-choppers in Terminator 2 !

Plenty around today but not in my size…found some at a shop in Moorabbin.

Who’d have thought such a small thing could be so hard?
(…as the actress said to the Bishop…fnarrr fnarrr)

Lawn mower and motorbike shops usually have them too.