Mac V's PC

Let the hate begin…

I am looking at getting an iMac 27" mainly to rip out all my photo editing on.

Problem is the so many have been hating on the Mac and telling me to stick to the PC…

So… Feet up and tell me what ya got, why, and how ya use it… Especially inspired to here from the Graphic Artist types and Photographers…

Mac…PC…both arseholes.

Like Man and Woman… Country and Western…

Why man, why. I’m a GD and Mac > cause when I started you didn’t have a choice. Since then I have and currently use both platforms > SERIOUSLY POTATO POTATO. Personally I use a MacBook Pro 15", a 12" powerbook before that and an original iMac before that…. Never had an issue with any of them. I also have a gen 1 iPod in a draw somewhere.

Both Mac and PC will do the job. Yes - Mac is the industry standard computer when it comes to this sort of thing, but you aren’t magically going to gain extra photography or design skills if you are based on a mac.


Now that the software is basically the same, I think it’s a personality thing.

How do you prefer your bearings, loose ball or sealed?

A good loose ball BB will spin faster than a sealed one, and some people enjoy the routine maintenance/tinkering, but on the other hand, if you go sealed, will you actually notice the difference?

I’ve got the Mac 27" and it’s pretty good, get boot camp if your going to run windows because vm fusion ware sucks

Only problem is that in over a year it will be out dated and you can just replace iMac shit that easily.

If you really wanna spend the big bucks
Get the Mac tower!

I Have a MacBook Pro 13" hooked up too a Cinema Display,gets shit done. If I could be bothered learning how too build a PC I’d build a beast gaming rig and probably ditch mac

Get a commodore

Get a falcon

Pc- because there are no limitations

If you can claim it as a business expense, probably get the Mac.

I’ve owned and used OSX, Windows and various Linux flavors for quite a while now. My work computer (programming) is a Macbook Air, all my home computers are Linux. When I gamed, it was Windows.

Fundamentally, I think UNIX (osx and linux) is better than Windows. In the simplest way I can think of putting it across, there’s less dicking around on UNIX. You set things up just how you want them, and it’ll stay like that. Windows, you generally have to do a bit of housekeeping now and again.

So you’ll probably be able to spend more time working with a Mac. But it will be more expensive. So weigh up the cost of your hours, the time you’d spend building and maintaining the Windows box, etc etc. Factor in that come 5 years time you’ll be due for an upgrade. Windows/LINUX box it’ll just be forking out a couple of hundred bucks for a new CPU/motherboard and shove some more RAM in, but with a Mac you’ll be out of pocket another couple of K.

Considered a Hackintosh?

my intel macbook got drowned a few months back. Been waiting for new haswell chip MBP which landed last week. Then i saw a 27" imac…whole sheeet. i don’t tote so probs go the 27 for the same bills. 2 more years of uni means lots of reading…

I had PC’s years ago. Converted by my illustrator partner 10 years ago…never looked back.
Its only money.

This is the best analogy for this debate, ever.

I’ve always been a desktop PC guy, but also an Android guy, so maybe they go hand in hand? OSX and iOS feel clunky compared to PC/android. One day I’ll go linux or something, but probably not.


This is the kinda answer I was looking for… Thanks DUDE!!!

I know the machine isn’t effecting my ability to take photos, but my editing time won’t change mixing one or the other… So I just need to improve the PC capability’s so the weak CVNT doesn’t crash every time I open an image bigger than 300mb…

I would get a Unicorn Tat before driving a piece of shit like that!!!

dam straight!!

Desktop= PC.
Laptop = mac.

I’ve always been anti mac, just got a MacBook Air with ridonkalous spec (1.7 i7, 8gb ram) for 1550. The battery life craps on Anything else and the build quality is actually damn good. (I’ve cracked the shells on two previous laptops). It also doesn’t overheat and is plenty quick.

For desktops I would always get PC, much cheaper and more options. (Laptops in general are limited in their confit options, so it less of an issue)

Macs are like BMWs, overpriced & underpowered but secretly everyone wants one.