Macaframa Raleigh

Get your own piece of hipster history!

Macaframa Raleigh Track Frame (size 55cm) | eBay

Hard times for the Macaframar’s? Seem strange he’s selling seeing they were all about taking photos of it whipskidding at More Raleigh Outtakes – Full Frame Collective

It’s ohhh-kay. Not mind-blowing.

EDIT: the Full Frame Collective photos were just photos to advertise it for eBay…? Weird.

The ones that aren’t covered in rattle can black are nicer. Still not that special though. Someone will snap it up though no doubt.

You’re too generous. It’s a soul-less piece of crap!

it looks like a visp, I would say It would ride like one as well. Nothing wrong with visps though, but I wouldn’t pay $500+ for one

Maybe they all realized Fixed-Gear was a fad and went and got real jobs and bought road bikes and boats?

What’s up with hipsters liking boats?

This is news to me, since when do hipsters like boats?

there is lots on tumblr, maybe its the whole boat shoe connection?

ask dylan?

i was a boater before a hipster

Being rich, alone, wearing boating shoes and capri’s, writing a memoir, smoking fancy cigarettes and making your way through a carton of nice ale while sailing around a bay near your parents holiday home…
Sounds like hipster shit to me.

Parents’ holiday homes are definitely hipster

sounds like Sunday.

Depends on your definition of soul. I belive bikes develop “soul” as you have experiences on them.

Aluminum has feelings too :wink:

upgrade to something better/different i suspect…

he definitely had a sweet roadie being built when i saw him last and it wouldnt surprise me if a LOW was in his future. most of those guys have a decent stable of bikes now and with that comes some turnover. especially if the frame was free/cheap to begin with :wink:

I was really taking a shot at it’s likeness to all the other TIG welded alu aero tubed tarck frames being pumped out of Taiwan. A fact they have attempted in vain to cover up with a paintjob.

I gots no beef with the material though, I use aluminium foil every time I have a bbq!

The robots that welded those frames have feelings too !!! Sad robots…

These are the only robots I care for.


I care for my robot tattoos.

Mostly by keeping them out of the sun.

Jason Yim from Macaframa riding a Kagero now… Jason Yim for Kagero – Full Frame Collective