Macaframa screening 20.10.09

We’ve organised a Macaframa screening at the Wheatsheaf Hotel (39 George Street, Thebarton) on Tuesday 20th of October.

Screening starts at 8pm.


i dont think the lycra bandits will be able to make it due to crits in the city :frowning:

Crits on at 8pm on a Tuesday night?

You roadies are weird.

well crits are at 6pm so it would be a pretty close call

I am pretty sure a sweaty chamois will be allowed entry to the Wheaty!

Can’t wait to watch skidz and get some tips bro. :smiley: LOL.

im going to go home and put some cut off trousers on first, might miss the start but if its just 2 hours of going down hillz and spinz i doubt ill miss too much!

It’s about an hour.

The last two sections are the best anyway.

Poster now up.

Is there any truth to the rumour that you’ll also be showing the MACAFRAMA bonus disc afterwards…

and then after that it’ll turn into a lock-in where you’ll screen The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition).


18+ only? :open_mouth:

Yeah, it gets a little “blue” after 8.30 :wink:

This is on tomorrow night.

is tuesday night ride still on before?

I think some dudes are still meeting at the Exeter beforehand.

yeah, i’ll be at the Ex and keen to go for a brief roll first.

Just got a call from Crumpler. They’re offering a door prize (or two) for tomorrow night. All you have to do is rock up before the screening starts (so before 8pm) and get a free raffle ticket to be in for a chance to win a prize.

Tell your friends!

what time were people hoping to meet at the ex first?? i can actually make a tuesday for once and would love to max my time out getting to know everyone- ollie

Usually the first few people rock up around 5.45-6ish.

It sucks, tomorrow will be sweet riding weather, but I gotta do the organising of the projector with Sam.

Oh well.

im there !! Beers on chipper! :smiley: