Macaframa screening 20.10.09

Are people def. meeting for a ride? I might be bringing a friend that hasn’t been fixed yet so I might skip it.

As I said I’m keen for a roll, it’ll have have to be short due to time constraints obviously, maybe just up around North Ad by the golf course. Whatever.

If you’re bringing a newbie along then that would be the perfect first time ride as it can only be short.

All noobs must skull 4 beers before riding. Then they have to stay behind team fuji.

Ouch, who got out of bed on the wrong side today?

Staying behind Team Fuji is punishment in it’s self!

Initiation. (Not really, as Ill probably get 4 beers in anyways.)

PS- shut up Blighty, Ill wrong side your face!

Ollie - Tell Myles to ride too, havent seen you both for ages. I see Myles’ bike all the time, but he’s never on it.

Well fuck!

Last night was awesome! Good people, great film, amazing venue, weather and beer! What more could we ask for? Well not buses screaming down George Street when me and Handsome James were doing sweet skids after the film. Oh well.

Oh, and I forgot to mention last night… The whole thing wouldn’t have happen with out the help / DVD player / projector from Sam Chisholm. DUDE seriously, thanks for everything! Once again thanks to Chris and everyone at the Wheaty, Crumpler for the SIX(!) bags for the giveaway and Sam.

People go buy one of Sam’s prints that are still showing at the Wheaty til the 3rd of November.

Also, The Wheaty were very happy with the turn out and everything last night. They’re into having more screenings in the future. Suggestions for films to be shown would be very welcome.

‘A Sunday in Hell’, not fixed related but a wicked movie and they do ride a velo at the the end.

Some even say it’s the best cycling film ever made and 10 speeds are the next big thing, right?

(Luckily I have one already in use :wink:)


‘Overcoming’ is good, so is ‘Hell on Wheels’.

You can almost see Eule administering the blood bags in the back of the Telecom bus after each stage…! Brilliant.

hell on wheels goes for like 3 hours though, overcoming is great. sunday in hell would be my #1 though its so sickeningly great.

Well the next screening is already in the works (and by I mean that I’ve started sending emails out).

Hopefully there will be another screening of a “fixie” film in December.

Sunday In Hell would also be another good one.

You could make a comedic film of me trying to do skidz. That would be fixie related.

Coke and whores!!!

Cool film. Cool to do again. Don’t mind what film just as long as we get some coke and whores!

Breaking away.


Well I’m one step closer to getting the next film.

Is it Iron Man 2… Thor and Black Widow are gonna be in it.


But Thor Is Like Immortal.