Not fixed but for those that appreciate how to ride a bike this guy has set a new benchmark

Words cannot express

That boy’s got some talent alright!

OLD. But still worth its 5th view

How about ‘looks just like every other half decent trials rider’?

Trials riding is fuckin awesome.

This guy kills it (vid is a few years old…)

yeah but… can he do a track stand or one of those skids with a knee on the handlebar?

how many times are people gonna post this video.

time to move on.

Holy Hell!!!

At least it’s in the right thread this time.

We just need that clip of Aaron Chase (or whoever) riding across the chain…

I’ve not seen it before so I was pretty impressed. So surprised that bikes can be built that strong!!

Good footage doesn’t date.

Yeah one of the best things I’ve seen on a bike.

As BSNYC suggested- this just blows fixed gear trix out of the water!

After seeing this clip, wheelies and skids look soooo lame. :expressionless:

So someone please set me straight, how many times has this clip been posted since it was listed on youtube “19th April, 2009”?