Machine shop suggestions (Brunswick/Coburg)

Hey all.

I need to get some custom axles made up. (20mm Alloy)

Can anyone suggest a decent machine shop for me?


are you talking a mtb through axle out of curiousity

Sort of. I’m making an ISO disc fixed rear hub from a 20mm thru axle mtb front hub. Just need an axle machined up for it.

jesse @ the bike bar in Fitzroy

Show us what you come up with when you are done. Why did you go for the 20mm axle out of interest?

Thanks I’ll get onto him and see what he can do.

It’s all being done for no other reason than for something ‘to do’ :slight_smile:

. I’m using a 20mm thru axle front hub, So i need to get a 20mm alloy axle made up that’s 120 long with a tab to stop it rotating in the dropout (when tightening the axle bolts), then tap 10mm threads in to each end, and then that allows me to run M10 socket head cap screws in place of nuts(with a nice machine washer). The hub needs to have it’s outer cup spacers replaced with longer ones to suit the 120 rear spacing, and i’ll flange these a little to make it all look ‘nice’.

Yeah, a lot of messing around, but ah why not :slight_smile: Maybe a bit HDuty too, but worth a try.

Prepare to pay fuckloads… and wait AGESSS!


Maybe I should just go buy that Lathe I’ve always been dreaming about…

Yep it will cost, but the job will be done right. I don’t have to wait long for stuff from Jess, but I did work for him, so maybe that’s why?!

pics during and after pls!

I got a steerer re-threaded there and it cost me $250 and it took like 2 months or maybe more… and i have heard people who have has similar problems… however he did an unbelievable job… he certainly knows what he is doing

Haha. Yeah, and then all the tooling to go with it. When I was looking at one I was told to budget for about twice as much as the lathe is worth. Tooling is $$.

Have you checked out velosolo? You probably have, but maybe some of their stuff would be suitable?

Yo… totally forgot about Tarn @ primate frames
He’s in Sydney, but would so be able to do it for you and post it down
Very switched on dude
look him up @
write to him at

wait time won’t be as long :wink:, can’t say about the $'s but once again the work will be spot on