machined wheels

if i get rims that are machined i can run brakes? if they are not machined i what would happen?
mainly deep v’s

Yes you can run brakes on a machined side wall.

If you run them on the unmachined version your bike will assplode.

if you run brakes on non machined rims the brakes will work like crap and you will wear the paint or ano off.

If the deep v’s are silver they’ll stay silver and if there coloured, until you ride through mud and shit they won’t be to bad. Eventualy they will wear evenly and look machined.
Pic’s of my SS mountain bike setup that I ran for ages that stayed unmarked on the road until I rode through a bog and then it removed the colour. As for stopping they work the same.

I stand corrected I have had customers complain in the past to me about the ano wearing off mybe it’s a matter of time and the colour i.e black seems to fair poorly. Running a brake on one of the painted rim would work like crap though. The Ano is very thin so you are basicaly braking onto the alloy the machined rims just create more friction and better braking.

Last time i ran brakes on an unmachined rime my bike caught on fire


i ran brakes on an unmachined rim once, and they gave me herpes.


I ran brakes on an unmachined rim, and my braking was not very efficient.


My friend* ran brakes on an unmachined rim and now…perhaps the most compelling reason of all…his rims look like crap.


*I would never do something so gauche

I was riding with a friend [1] who had powdercoated rims, with black pads on the front and salmon on the rear, every time he braked it sounded like a donkey braying and left black and salmon streaks on his rims.


[1] I’ll call him Murray, because his real name is Mckenny

fixed that for you.

Ahhh, best thread ever.

ive seen better.

ever get the feeling you’ve become the brunt of way too much forum-clowning?

but i’d like to echo brendan and HMC’s statements; it now takes me a lot longer to slow down when i get to the “clinic”.

if your brake pads are the same colour as your rims you will be fine.

they will wear though the colour on the rims, once they bed in they will work fine and if you don’t want to mess up your “rare and valuable velocity rims” then grow a pair and take off the brakes

or… if you value your arse and 'am not ready for the brake-less riding experience
don’t sweat it in time they will look just like a machined pair :roll:

Yeah, you’re right, I was feeling generous.