Macini Radelaide.

27" Macini 8kg Racing Bike | eBay

Whitehorn frame possibly???

are there non whitehorn macini’s?

Not 100% sure hence the Q.

Past Internet forum chatter would suggest that Macini was a decal applied to Whitehorn built frames in Adelaide, but that wouldn’t stop a shop or business applying them to any frame to produce a price point bike , like Mittiga, pursuit(trak), Europa/Abeni etc… did.

Looks nice. I want a Macini roadie. Looks like 700c, not 27".

EDIT: Too small for me… But it might fit the wife…

yeah true. hopefully my macini is genuine whitehorn, not that it really makes a difference to me.

would you count those as world champ stripes on the seattube or mardi gras?

Gay pride macini!

only $20 with 5 hrs to go

$202… Anyone here?

raises hand

Nice pickup. What level of suntour is it? let us know.
Given it’s size I was interested for my son, but it passed my max(2 builds on the go already and limited funds)

Thanks to you friendo.

There’s a good chance it’ll be too big for my girlfriend, in which case I’ll be looking to pass it off, maybe minus the group depending on what level it turns out being.

Yeah the stated TT measurement seemed a little weird, ie short.

Fingers crossed for superbe pro!

I’ll measure it all up and take some better photos asap. As for the group, just spent half an hour cross referencing the photo to various photos on but the ebay image is just too poor to be certain. I’ll buy a lottery ticket if it is, between this and the $125 shamal wheelset I picked up last night…

if it is suntour and the seat post ends up being superbe and 27.2 sell it to me!!! :wink:

Can’t believe you sniped me in the last 10secs, you douche! I’m bringing a can of whoopass with me on Thursday night.

All is fair in love and Ebay!

Yeah yeah. Well played son.

That you came 2nd is your choice.

I’m just pulling his leg. I’m not bitter about it really.