Mad bidding war for a conversion

The seller is going to be pretty happy with the bids on this. I would never had expected the bids to get so high, and one day still to go. Bike is clean, but overall not great. Certainly not worth $1200+.

What is interesting is that the last $600 of bidding has been between two new ebay users (1 feedback) vs (zero feedback).

and what’s the bet we’ll see it relisted 2 days after cos “buyer failed to pay” or something?

not sayin’ there’s dummy bidding going on: just sayin’.

ebay alts are best alts.

in other news, FORK!!!

Yeah, maybe the forks are what led to all the excitement. Next big thing? I gotta find some to inflate the price of my own conversion.


some people have no idea

getting silly now. $1325 with less than a day to go. poor uninformed cunt that buys it: would be kicking themselves if they knew what you could get for that sort of money.

Turns out you can polish a turd.

that thing is an abomination no matter which way you look at it

“To help keep the eBay community safe, enhance bidder privacy, and protect our members from fraudulent emails, only you and the seller of the item can view your User ID in bid history. Other members will see anonymous names.”

yea right, more like to protect the buyers alter ego

Check out this page: you can see to which items/sellers the member’s bids have gone. This member has bid on 3 bikes in the last 30 days and this is the first time the user has bid on a bike from Royal Recos (well, in the last 30 days). Not too suss.

Wasn’t there a thread a couple of months back about this exact seller having the exact same thing happen? Ie lame bike going for massive price?..Pretty sure that one got relisted, seems a bit suss if Im correct.

I think that was Sydney Vintage Bikes.

ugly. fuck, why do retards bid on this. it’s spec’ed ok but fuck. look at that horrible geo.

This is bullshit- I sold my Cinelli Vigorelli for about $1650.00 which is about 10,000x nicer than this!

spec’d ok, but cheap ok. and fuck knows what the tubing is. the builder doesn’t know what lugs are: I’d suggest they don’t know shit about frames in general.

if the buyer actually rides this thing and gets to know any other riders, they will be cursing when they realise what they could’ve got for those dollars. I know it’s all supply and demand, and good luck to the seller, but 20 minutes of googling would’ve told the buyer he was wasting his money.

I doubt the fame isn’t much better than an A-08 or U-08 (crappy cheese eating surrender monkey 10spd) … its definitely not a PX-10.

Nah it was definately something involving this guy, before the argument about Sydney Vintage Bikes.

Maybe, but there was another big thread about Makepeace Designs, a sydney d00d who seemed like a total dickbag, and also got silly money for lame conversions.

You picked it mate - back up today:

bahahahAHAHAHahahahah what a douche