Madison Time!

more info here:

Brunswick Cycling Club

the racing will be set out like a classic six-day, with points accumulated in the scratch, keirin and flying lap counting towards a team’s overall madison score.

as you can see from the link, team handsome are entered, but may withdraw due to fear. there are - i think - three people on that list who are legitimately allowed to wear world champion stripes, as well as a smattering of state champions.

if you’ve ever thought about coming down to DISC to check out the racing, this will be the time to do it.

coffee will be provided by Padre…

Awesome flyer. what typeface is that?


Do the spectators get to blow whistles and shit?

yeah, i guess you could. but it’s an enclosed space - you’d be better off making hilariously disparaging remarks about the riders. they can hear you and sometimes answer back… like my tete a tete with mullet man (aka shane archbold) from the new zealand team last year.

Hey you with the coat of arms tattoos! You suck!

Comedy genius like that. Gold.

Edit: I’m coming too.

here, i’ll even provide some witticisms for you. pls note that there will be none about team handsome, as we will be so far off the back you will have ample time to create your own.

“hey, team croydon! shouldn’t you go through puberty before you try to take a lap?”

actually, while i’m on team croydon:
“hey croydon! that’s not a commodore!”

“hey team switzerland! yeah, you, mark! your sister is better than you! why don’t you ask her to do a turn!”

“hey team SASI! you guys are from adelaide, right? so you might look like you’re in front, but really, you’re half an hour behind.”

“hey belgium! hey greg brunt! didn’t you make trigger crash the other day? now we got beef. cranky sundays gonna fuck your shit up.”

haha not bad Brendan, although maybe a little involved to yell out at people moving past you at a fast pace?

they’ll be resting on the fence! you’d have time to make them a cup of tea!

ahhh yes, fair enough, didnt think about that, makes the opportunities for in depth sledging much greater

shame is, they get a chance to answer back.

I will bring signs again… they were enjoyed by all except brendan last year.

are you kidding? man, i would’ve got some of those signs printed on my jersey if nath would’ve let me. so much win!

I would totally bring my possie down to beef with Greg, but alas I have no possie and I plan on doing more Sunday sessions at DISC, so probably will just sit there and cheer politely.

you should totally just throw his buzzphrases back at him. pyramid of pain, greg!

Madison is the best.
Could almost meet for Trippy Taco before riding out in time for Madison mayhem!!

oh, well and truly. with that schedule the madison won’t start til 8.30 at earliest.

team handsome have withdrawn. ben hasn’t been on a bike for the last two weeks due to a dodgy back.

i’m not disappointed.

I’m still gonna heckle you.

You there, in the stands!

this is on tomorrow night! come down and watch folks go around and around and around!