Magic Gear!!!!

Hey all’,

Have anyone here tried converting a vertical dropout bike without having to spend a fortune on WI eno hub??

The idea of magic gear is very interesting but before i get my hand dirty just wondering is this hard to achieve and any tips for the newbiess??


I think Jules ran a magic gear on his SS, but the chain kept jumping off.

Tips: Get horizontal dropouts, track ends, adjustable drops, eno BB, eno hub or something else.

A magic gear can work quite well to start with but, as the chain wears, it might not stay that way.

damn, having ur chain pop off on a fixed would be the scariest moment even if u run a brake.

by the way, i am very new to fixed gear i realised BB bearing worn out alot quicker than coaster bike…but for chain would it be the same? Indeed i know tension would be a main factor to determine chain life, how often do u need to get a new chain?


Something must be wrong with your BB. Mine has lasted for ages. Have you set your’s up correctly? As for chains, they can last a long time as well … as long as chain tension and chainline are correct. I tend to change mine every year or so.


Well I think the pervious owner over tighten the BB so the bearing was in really bad shape when i repack it. I got new bearing and it run extremely smooth and freee!!!

I am having this thought bout converting my roadies into a fixed with magic gear…would this be a very frustrating job?

Or it just a matter of getting right chain lenght and right chain lines??? Did u guys used half link?


Personally I wouldn’t bother. Even if you get it right, as the chain wears it will be less ‘right’ over time. I guess you could fix that with half links but I’d rather do it properly and not have to arse around with it from time to time. Also, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to make it work with the gear ration you actually want.

If your roadie’s dropouts have enough metal you could file them out a bit to give you some adjustability. That, and the magic gear might be enough to make it worthwhile.

Even though an ENO is not cheap, I think it’s worth it given that it can be used on any bike, regardless of dropouts, you’ll be able to use the ratio you want, it’s a high quality hub, and it’s light.

Have to agree, my chain has ‘stretched’ significantly with all the crap weather I have been riding in and the crap maintenance, on any other bike I would have ditched the chain but on the fixie just keep moving the wheel back, I think that it is probably at least 1/2 cm back from where it was when I built it up.

Hey, for WI eno hub right…if my droput is 130mm so if i get the eno hub with 130mm spacing and i will be using track cranks would it give a very straight chainline???


Depends on your bottom bracket. Eno chainline is 47.5mm so you need a BB which gives you that chainline. 47.5mm typically lines up with the ourside ring on a road crank.

What crank and BB spindle length do you have now?


What’s the crank?

Easiest thing to do is measure the chainline you get with that crank/bb now and see how that compares.

the cranks is superb…I am doing some measurment tonight and see how it goes.