mah ride

[ul]it’s red, it’s light, it’s fuckn fun!

think the frame is a vitus

[li]suze high flange hubs[/li][/ul]
[li]shimano 600 cranks[/li][/ul]
[li]fujita pro saddle[/li][/ul]
[li]nitto track drops[/li][/ul]


it’s missin’ some tape on da bars.

Looks very nice.
How do you find riding street with the bars taped like that??
I had mine like that but found that it was pretty uncomfortable riding the tops without tape on them so have now taped them as high as possible.

i don’t mind it at all. i was riding with no tape at all for quite a while. when i have my hands up the top i’m generally not working too hard, so it’s not an issue.

the extra bit of comfort and grip the tape gives when i have my hands in the drop position is ccool when i’m working a little harder.

Thinking about it, it is when my hands were around as if I am riding on the brake hoods on a roadie that I had the worst trouble.

i had road hoods for a while, found them sort of annoying on a commute, so i switched to a cheap cross lever and am much happier.

also, another factor in my bars not being completely taped is that i only had enough tape to tape the drop position. :smiley:

someone should make brake calipers that pull from the other side, so you can get a nice smooth cable line on the front

Or you could mount the lever on the left…like an American… :expressionless: