Maintainence courses in Adelaide

Looking for somewhere that offers bike maintainence classes/courses.
Basic things along the like of fixing punctures, replacing chains and general upkeep.

I know that BikesSA do a few courses, has anyone ever been on one?
Unless there a group out there that want to teach a complete newie the basics.

WEA South Australia - Adult Education for Lifelong Learning and search on wheels and sails. 54 bux for a six hour course. I haven’t done one before, so dunno what it’s like - it would probably be decent. I just read books and good old Sheldon Brown.

cheers for the heads up, I’ll have a look into it…

the night course at Hamilton High is well regarded (three riders I know have done it), although it might be in its last year (we have to pay for the Adelaide Oval upgrade somehow)

I have also heard it is a great course, with a touch of wheel building/maintenance. By the way, the Adelaide Oval upgrade has been canned.