Maintaining Patina / Rust Removal

So I have a frame with quite a few paint chips that have got some surface rust. Overall the frame presents pretty well and I’d like to keep the original paint and decals. Does anyone have any tips for treating the rust and then preventing further deterioration?

I tried searching the forum but maybe I put the wrong terms in.

I have this problem on my llewellyn damn qld salt and humidity i was just going to clean it back and spot it with some clear.

remove the rust with sandpaper or steel wool.
clean the area with wax and grease remover/alcohol.
use a rust converter
apply a thinned primer
apply a thinned colour/touch up paint

OK thanks,

I’m just a little nervous about taking out some of the good paint when I’m using the sand paper / steel wool. Think I’ll just clear coat rather than touch up. Is there clear coat you can dab on with a small brush?

clear nail polish…

why not just clear coat the whole thing?

Clear coat is porous … meaning oxygen still gets through to the frame. It’s not going to stop corrosion but it might buy you a little time.
In saying that surface rust is not as big issue an issue as most people think, especially with modern alloy steels. It will eventually rust but it’ll take a lot longer than you’d think.

be very careful of rust around lug joints!!!

Like this

Because it can lead to things like this.

RIP old friend:
I got it new from a shop I was working in 1984, had just crashed anotehr frame, so shop gave me this one- Columbus SL Italian Threaded, raced on it for about 5 years, Then when I was back in the UK in 2006 I rebuilt it and was riding and racing it again- last week before I came home I noticed something odd in the steering, thought it was a headset problem- sadly it wasn’t.
So please look very carefully at rust- the tubing itself should not be a problem, just surface stuff, but the joints if they are brazed and then left for a while before painting- will start to corrode over night- much the same as a lot of Italian cars of the same era.