Make me more hipstery

Alright guys, my boganspec car, make it hipster with your hipstery image manipulation skillz.

Winner gets a beer.
Winner decided by me, cos it’s my car.

alchemy is a legitimate science, yeah??

ironic ‘no root no ride’ sticker.

do hipsters even drive cars the whole hipster terminology is new to me haha

dylan you need a bundy sticker and a huge ass bullbar on the front and and a rm williams sticker on the rear windscreen haha

Alchemy is not legit

And Cam hipsters don’t drive cars, look at Chaz ‘I’ve never even owned a car’ Hutton.

HIPSTA - number plate. I checked Vicroads and it’s available. Only $495.

get a chev badge

oh yeah they just walk beside their bikes down to the local cafe to buy their latte hahah


Long Black mother fucker. If you ever accuse me of drinking latte’s again, I’ll write an angry blog post about you.

hipsters ain’t what they used to be.

edit: moustache = awesome. also paint it in a flannelette pattern.

i’ll be sure to note that down :slight_smile: oh so your admitting that your one hey :slight_smile: hahah

I was gonna get creative with photoshop and give it some aerospokes, ironic moustache and a quiff, but you’ve just made me realise how utterly horrible I am at photoshop. Day(life) ruined.

i think that was confirmed when he said “blog post”.


They are real.

Put a coffee machine in the back.

Of course only single origin, organic, shade grown, rainforest alliance, fairtrade coffee served in 100% post consumer waste recycled cups that can be re-used as pot plants.

I’m not going to get into a ‘two hipsters calling each other hipsters’ argument (because it’s so 2006) so instead i’ll just leave you with this.

remove all the speeds so it’s fixed to one
swap your front wheels for aerospokes, back wheels for b43s
remove all the padding from your seats, and make sure they have NJS stamps

only something a hipster would say :stuck_out_tongue: