Makuri Cycling Caps

Hunting around for some more info on Makuri. I know they’re a Melbourne based company but Google doesn’t seem to be shedding much light on the subject. I’m just curious if they’re still doing caps and if anyone has any contact information for them.


They were made by a friend of mine and sold through my shop and Shifter Dan’s, they no longer exist.

Damn. I thought that might be the case. Oh well. Thanks for clearing that up.

you want some caps made up? or you chasing specifically those caps?

We were just looking around for some some cycling cap options to stock at work. One of the guys I work with remembered them and thought they good be an option if they were still in business. But no biggie. We’ve ended up going with Rocket Fuel for now.

i hear never stop pedalling make caps…

Do they? I didn’t know they make their own. I was only aware of them stocking Octopus caps from the States.
This could also be a good option if this is the case. Cheers Brendan.