Mallet making sesh

We set the date for this wednesday
But before we do this we gotta get shit sorted.
aka who’s bringing what?
and how much stuff do we need.

me robin and kristine have 2 ski poles, we have a hand saw as well.
We need a drill and dremel i think too, plus nuts and bolts and material such as tubes/griptape for the handle. If anyone has any 1.5-2 inch pipe, let me know and I’ll bring some money for said pipe. hopefully there is enough light, time and battery in the tools to get it done. Sucks not having enough mallets to start a game.

From talking to cooper
he said that he had about 19 metres of tape for grip.
and also i think 5 metres of piping (its a bit smaller in diameter than usual but will do fine)

cooper has a fair bit of pipe and has bought tape off ebay (yet to arrive) also has 2 ski poles. im going to see if i can find another couple of ski poles aswell.

i have about 2-3 m of 50mm pipe not sure if that will be sufficient. ill bring it all down and hopefully have the hockey tape by then aswell

Sounds good i have two ski poles, grip tape and i will buy some bolts from mitre ten : ) im excited haha

i say we all go in and buy some 2 inch pipe from trade link before hand

I’ll bring down my cordless drill, plus some drill bits. What time are we saying?

5.30 6 ONWARDS?

do we have the lights this week?

no polo!

does this mean no mallet making. depending on what people decided im still keep to hold a open forum?


i still want to make mallets

yes we have to do both but where?

Yo yo you guys can come over to my place wed afternoon in New Farm just need the tools? I will buy some bolts just not sure which ones??

sounds good… dan are you up for bringing the drill to kristines ??.. or i think pat has an electric drill…
you can use alot of bolts but try buy the ones that are like 80mm and small enough to go through the ski pole

If we get things organised sorry so tired and wrecked um we can go to mine if we can use your drill things and pats drills or maybe go to dans not sure to tired to function need more coffee, you can come to mine for a few hours from 5.3 and make them

How about anyone that is interested in making a mallet come over to mine? I’ve got plenty of room downstairs, I’ll put some home brew in the fridge and we can kick out to some tunes on the turntable as well. Kick off at 5:30pm.

2/16 Leonard St, Woolloongabba (enter through the backyard via Railway St)

yeah i can bring mine around i think should be easy only one block away
its not cordless though but if we gotz a powerpoint should be fine

I’ve got a mofo of an electric drill at my place as well so don’t worry about bringing drills. Just need the ski poles and mallet ends.