Mallet making sesh

dans sounds superb… beats sound good

Great thanks a lot dan great plan i could image i have seen that shed its well stocked : )

There is pipe at Gear Brisbane. Someone come past and pick it up to be used. I can get plenty more from my old work.

ok ill come past on wed arvo gypsy and pick it up… thanks

sweeeeeeeeeeet :smiley:

If i have time i will rock out the the cemetery i was workign at a graba few metres of it :slight_smile:

Cheers gypo

Fuck you’re like 300 metres from where I got hit by the van?

What else do you need for building that I might have peeps?

syked and ready to make some mallets this arvo :smiley:

Beer is on ice. Drill and hacksaw at the ready.

Alcohol + Power Tools = Win!

may also result in injury

yes what an interesting combination

Turntables or cd-dj’s?

1950s wooden turntable unit. Complete with original valve amplifier. This fucker’s got 8 speakers in it :-D. Turntable is a piece of shit so bring any old vinyl you want destroyed on it :wink:

What time will you be going until?

I got a kid and a mrs that need feeding, showering, reading stories to etc…you get the picture

upon dan’s request, some of the things i learned before coming here

^ :lol:

Some photos from last night:

look’s like a good night. :frowning:

souldn’t have missed this but i wasn’t quite up to it yesterday.

to busy getting apprehended? :smiley: