Malvern Star 5 star Track

Another one for my vintage museum.

Picked it up today off my ‘old’ mate, who’s ex training buddy, QLD pro racer Bill McIntosh
recently passed on, and as usual the wife is clearing out the shed.

I love it!

WOW! Lucky you!

Sticker that shit up and get yourself an aerospoke and some rizors

Resto or just bring back to usage?

shit’s old as

Will polish it up and maybe clear coat the
Frame to preserve what’s left of the original duco
Etc, and hang it up with my other old school collection

Worth a pretty penny too.

can it skid?

With rock hard 28" tubulars, I can’t see it being a problem

glad to hear that Bill’s wife met someone like you. nice bike.

thats a great bit of bike history

Whats hubs are they?
I have a NOS front hub that looks just like that, but has no markings.

Looks awesome chief! Great pickup. +1 on the clear coat and keeping its history. new/rebuilt wheels and some rubber and she’ll be good for the track!

Are they Harden hubs?

So rare and awesome.

Are you going to do a full restore, or leave it?

A survivor! Whatever you do please don’t repaint it.

This reminds me I must check out the Rudge my old man says he’ll give me.