Malvern Star Conversion

It isn’t finished yet but heres the main parts altogether. I figured some of you were probably wondering about it.
Frame and Fork are an old Malvern Stars, primed and sprayed. The wheelset are Weinmann DP18’s. Thats it. Some bits have roughly been put on like the headset and not tightened. The rest of the bike is yet to be put together by the wonderful Pony Bikes who have been helping me on my build along side you guys and the Australian Cycling Forum. Feel free to say whatever you like about the build so far.
Thanks, Isaac.

simple, i like it


haha, cranks to come my friend, TEC9 or Pake I believe.

Tight clearances…

Yeah… the toe overlap will be a bastard.

Are we being ironic here or are you serious?

I’d go with the irony/sarcasm stream of thought.

To be honest, I started out with a malvern star frame, and it was decent, despite the six inch clearances. Save $130 odd bones and buy a visp frame eventually!

you’d have to have size 16 shoes (or larger?) to consider those tight clearances. So I’d be thinking that that is irony, but I could be wrong…

Bearing Cups are nearly in so I can put the rest of the headset on. In the morning, first thing, pony bikes.

Yeah, we’re just takin’ the piss Isaac.
It’s got some laazy angles that frame.
Not nearly as lazy as the old 2 star roadster frame I’ve got tucked away as a future project though.
Seriously, that frame looks a treat with the crisp clean paint, and the effort you put into building it will be far more valuable an experience than having just bought a complete OTR from a shop. As time goes by, and you inevitably grow some, a new frame will be on the list.At least then you will have all the bits and some knowledge to knock it together.

its looking like a nice clean build at the moment. but those clearances are massive!

Just Dave, Thanks, It was and still is a real experience doing what I’ve done too get to the final product. I’ll take some pics to show you just how big the frame is actually compared to my height. You’ll probably be amazed at the amount of room between the top tube and my waist.
Xavier, I think it may be the angle of the pic a bit.


What I mean is that the frame is too big for me. In a very awkward way…

Can you straddle the bike without the top tube touching your nuts?

Not yet. EDIT- Just.

Then unfortunately the frame is going to be too big for you.

he’s 12 so it is too big atm but it is going to be ok

little fella i like your style i have a 50cm giant alloy and carbon frame you can have if you pay for postage my guess is about $20 but it has vertical drop outs so no chain tensioning.