Malvern Star / Whitehorn... info?

Hey, I’ve been offered a Malvern Star track frame. I posted about it in Help, but no responses. The details given to me are this…

“that its actually a Whitehorn frameset built for Malvern Star here in Adelaide as a team bike”.

I’m pretty sureit’s from1984, amazing condition, but can’t find much information about Whitehorn frames (except for that ebay listing that was on here). It’s not overly expensive, but still a fair bit. I want to know whether I should spend most of my tax return on this frame. I’m think of using the parts on my Ricardo to build it up.

* EDIT *

So I found some more info…

Ron Whitehorn also made Macini frames. Frank of Collectable Cycles has a few…

“Hand built Macini road racing frame, made circa 1986 by Ron Whitehorn, master frame builder and champion South Australian racing cyclist.”

He also has a Malvern Star Pursuit from 1984. The frame I’m looking at getting is very similar, but it’s silver / grey.

“Sloping top tube, semi-sloping fork crown, Zeus forged front and rear track drop outs. Reynolds butted tubing throughout, most probably 753, ultra-thin wall chrome moly steel tubing. The frame weighs only 1.7 kg., and the complete bike only 7 kg.”

try here, more luck?

What sizes are these? and does he have any spare? price?

Nah, he’s only got one. It’s in my size and on hold for me… :wink: