Man Island Invitational Polo Tournament

So most of you know I will be leaving for LA in about a month, I wanted to set up a Polo tournament before I leave.

When: Sunday November 15th
Time: 1pm
Cost: I think we normally do 5 dollar buy ins right?

Similar set up to all the other polo tournaments. I had a blast at all of them, and this would be an amazing send-off if you guys and gals could take part in the festivities.

If someone could make spoke cards that would make me happy.

Nice, I’ll organise spoke cards once you’ve got the flyer up. Can you put a Baaannaaanna on it :stuck_out_tongue:

There is going to be 3 events in 3 weekends in Brisbane :smiley:

Girls alleycat 1st nov.
Benny and Wills polo comp 8th nov.
Man Island polo comp 15th nov.

good times ahead. oh and then melbourne the next two weekends after. :smiley:

ideas for spokecards… go go go!

Just google imaged “man island” the very first suggestion was disturbing but then I saw this…

by Will Hobbs (FIC HOB)

Fourteen-year-old Andy, stranded on Admiralty Island, Alaska, manages to survive, encounters unexpected animal and human inhabitants, and looks for traces of the earliest prehistoric immigrants to America.

It’s a sign.

oh the wonders of photoshop…

Flyer up!

the wonders of black font on dark backgrounds

I thought you would have at least put a mallet head on that spear.

there ain’t nothing I can do about the font… I’ve already flattened the image in photoshop.

tisk tisk andy, any switched on user of PS knows to ALWAYS have an un-flattened/original image cos once its merged its done, tisk tisk :x :stuck_out_tongue:

update: a raffle will be set up for everyone that enters the tournament to win their very own polo stead.

Its true! the prize includes

  • (1) awesome polo frame (1/2 of the championship 2v2 brisbane bike polo team) no toe overlap with 170 cranks! custom paint job [black] with custom gear brisbane sticker
  • (1) 170mm FSA crankset with custom wonky bottom bracket w/ 47 tooth chainring
  • (1) Sakae seat post with custom bolt and nut
  • (1) SE velo saddle
  • (1) Sakae custom striped head set
  • (1) no name custom paint job [black] risers with glow in the dark ourys
  • (1) chain [sparsely oiled]

no wheels or pedals sorry! those are going with me.

i’m keen on some more polo tournamenting action but I’ve a question about this ‘invitational’ thing in the title.
Does it mean I have to be invited or that I have to be any good?
Or is there some subtle nuance of the word that I’m missing here?

The invites the flyer :smiley:

sunday bitches

OH GOODY! :slight_smile:

Sunday at one!

Dan if you would be so kind as to bring your bbq I will happily repay you for the propane used.

is that my mallet on the flyer ?


yes it is.

Reminder to Everyone… 5 dollar buy in, First place takes all.

Entry in the Polo Tournament gets entered into raffle to win my frameset + most of my parts… bringing some flat bars with green ourys if you don’t like my risers.

Ooh baby, we still having the short- shorts-off?

No payment required :-). Just got it filled so no concern of it running out. Will bring some beats as well.