Man struck by cyclist dies

Interesting to see what comes of this.

Hmmmm… the Critical Mass approach is to respect pedestrians (with the right of way) on pedestrian crossings…

and I know the Hell Ride runs red-lights worse that couriers in the city, but do they seriously run lights against pedestrians on crossings that have the right of way? (like the article would indicate)

This is a seriously bad look for all of us. And moreso, terrible for the man (obviously) and the family of the man killed.

fucking pricks. Hopefully this will help them overcome their dangerously arrogant attitude.

I generalise, obviously, but seriously, for as long as I’ve been holidaying in Beaumaris (black rock area) I’ve cursed those packs for giving bike riders a bad name.

  • Joel

Go to the track you fuckheads. Or stay in ‘real’ races. Don’t clean up dudes doing the right thing, and dont clean up old dudes at all.

it doesn’t say the hell ride did it - only that it was on at the same time - but whatever… people should shut the hell up and behave responsibly

It’s unclear if it was the hell ride bunch, but they do usually roll through that spot about 8:30. A mate was amongst it on Sat and claims not to have seen anything (not defending them btw - they’re mostly tossers but they’ve usually got a police escort making sure they don’t behave like complete fuckwits about lights). This time of year the truly clueless around-the-bay wallies are out in force, it may well have been one of them. I’ve never seen such collective peaked-helmet fuckwittage on beach rd as I saw out early saturday and sunday.

Read the article again.

Its a conglomeration of facts, that aren’t linked together.

It doesn’t even mention that the guy who got the fine had anything to do with the accident.

The article is aimed at winding people up.

Now who out there can say they have never ever ever run a red light??

I thought so…

Sad, truly sad. The 30 year-old that hit him probably was a week-end warrior, which means that the rest of us are going to take the shit from ‘anti-cyling’ brigade. Great, just fuck’n great. :frowning: Nothing good ever comes out of these situations.

Stay tuned for the ACA/Today Tonight shocking expos? on how dangerous cyclists are.

Bitch Rd is a shit place to ride anyway, unless you’re there to annoy roadies.

what lats & 853 said.

and i could just as reasonably be angry at those fragile old fucks who die easily when you scare or unbalance them, who always walk slowly as the crossing is turning red and get in the way. They always wear dumb clothes, pulled up too high and complain about younguns - yep this article works for me :wink:


The rider was a bit of a punter who’d joined the back of the bunch. The main bunch had made the green, but the tail end had missed it, AND STOPPED for the red.

This rider continued to ride past the stopped riders, through the red light, striking the pedestrian.

Those who warned of Hell Ride publicity were right about the storm coming.

I’ve had Channel 9, 10, 7, and The Age & Herald Sun all on the front doorstep in one day. As positive a light as possible has been shed on the good will of cyclists wishing for greater road-friendliness, but one can now only hope that the stories submitted on tonight’s news stay true to the facts of this unfortunate one-off accident and that the cultural change toward a shared respect amongst road-users is growing through this time.

The general public may only see more ‘hooliganism’ in the sport of cycling for now after this year’s Tour de France debacles.

Caution: Channel 7’s Jonathan Creek was declined for interviewing after the sham of his 2003 publicity stunt when he re-cut interviews and file tape after agreeing to show the sport in good flavour and then showed cycling in a shocking light with unfortunate helicopter footage of some of the Hell Ride’s less favourable moments on the 6 o’clock news.

Regrettably, any file tape ever recorded on the Hell Ride is being sought after for broadcasting tonight on news channels to show off the potential risks of bunch riders in traffic and at road crossings.

I would urge anyone being asked from the Hell Ride on Saturday to do an interview for Channel 7 to consider declining on principle. There are many news agencies looking for riders from the Hell Ride that day for personal interviews to run on this evening’s mainstream news at 5 or 6 o’clock and tomorrow’s newspapers.

The key is communication.

From an E-mail via a mate that is a member of St Kilda cycling club.

Cyclings in the media quite a lot at the moment.

Riding back from a trip to King lake a week or so ago, we stopped at the lights…

Bloke pulled up in his beaten up landy…

Ya want some drugs?? I got testosterone, speed… you name it, I got it. It’ll make you go reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fast

The public image of this sport is really taking a big shift sideways!!!

Old guy with a green man signal. Fuckhead on a bike hits him. Fuckhead should go to jail. Everyone else should ride how they always have.

I’ve run thousands of red lights. I’ve never hit anyone who was in the right.

Beach-road-dude fucks up and pays the price.

Front page of the Herald Scum says it all. Let the which hunts and villification begin.

They do say - ‘Cycling is the new golf’

Being a hack golfer is safe, you just spend lotsa money replacing balls.

For the hack cyclist… its hard to replace those balls - or someone elses for that matter.

hmmm… this is why I think I will always be a mountain biker at heart: out on the singletrack you don’t have to worry about the trees jumping out at you, nor are there cars to contend with.