Man there are some weird bikes in Japan

µì¼Ö¡¡£·£°Ç¯Âå¡¡¥Á¥ç¥Ã¥Ñ¡¼¡¡REVO¡¡KUN¡¡¥¦¥¤¥ê¡¼¼«Å¾¼Ö¡¡¿·¼Ö - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó

let google translate this ad
¥Õ¥§¥é¡Ý¥ê¡¡MV-X207¡¡¿·¼Ö(¨·è) - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó

£Æ£±£²¥¤¥ó¥Á¡¦£Ò£±£¶¥¤¥ó¥Á¡¡¥³¥ó¥Ñ¥¯¥ÈÀÞ¤ê¾ö¤ß¼«Å¾¼Ö - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó

I didn’t see that many quirky ones out on the street, mainly just mamachari (dutch’kinda bike).

Saw a few NJS frames sitting outside in the rain outside of apartment blocks too.

yeah, mamachari are everywhere! those 1st few are from yahoo japan auctions,

and yes seen a few neglected tarck bikes - bike theft is really really low here, lotsa people don’t even lock there bikes.

here is one I saw in a shop