Map My Ride

A friend of a friend has a friend that does work for promoting apps somehow, anywho, he hit me up on this app

Map My Ride is normally $7.99, but its free today only.

No gimmick or scam, its just free…

you can map your route/time/total distance/calories burnt ect.


So… like Strava, which is free (to an extent)?

You can create routes before you ride them w/MapMyRide. Strava is about analysing rides after the fact, yeah?

Not sure.

I only use Strava to see how slow I’m going up hills.

yeh i guess its like strava, but this has a gps thing, so if you start a day (turn it on), spend the whole day couriering parcels in the cbd, then finish, you can see how man k’s you have accumilated. it also has a voice over option so it will tell you how far youve ridden and a few other fatures.

I havent used strava though.

  • this does incline ect aswell.
  • it has a list of routes sorted by location/length/expected time to complete.
  • it also has a feature where you can set a goal (km’s/miles/time riding) for a certain time period and it will give you updates n how your progress is going. ie 10,000ks a year and the percentage youve ridden and how many k’s you have left to achieve the goal.

its normally free to use onlyine, but the phone app is heaps better

good luck getting your battery to last any more than an hour with it on though…

Yeah, fuck all that, I just use the route editor to make rides and then either write up a cue sheet or download the .gpx to my eTrex. End of story.

^check it out guys, i got the 4957th fastest time up that climb on my beardo 18kg tourer! siiiiiiiiiiik.

Don’t worry mate, your commute from Brunswick to North Melbourne won’t take that long…