Mapping research project and data logging

Hi all,

I’m about to go into my final year of a Geospatial Science degree and am thinking about the major project. One option is to do some sort of mapping project along the lines of a ‘pain map’. Maybe looking at slope, slope length and maybe the combination of different slopes in a given section. It would make sense to use some logged data including power output but I’m not into Strava and not sure how the raw data looks. What’s the sampling frequency? Do units log lat, long, time, power output etc?

My supervisor isn’t at all into cycling so isn’t much help on moulding this into something practical/useful so I’d be keen to hear what you think or even if my efforts would be better spent working on something else cycling related.

Cheers, Scott

What would be cool would be using garmin data to view the most frequently stopped at places, not sure how you could may be using the auto pause or resting time?

ArcGIS strava heatmap dataset and make a commute route generator for fastest / most widely used / most MUP commute?

Take into account the majority of commuters don’t use strava or any recording device at all so you’re likely to get the favoured commute route of the MAMIL.

How did you end up going with this? I’m about to start a major project in GIS and haven’t picked my topic yet

for future reference

gives you all the exposed strava data fields

I’ve been meaning to thanks you guys for the replies. And thanks Jezza, great resource. I wish I was more into coding!

I’ve decided to go another way with the project. I thought there were too many questions about accessing data and figuring out a way to integrate all the information into something meaningful. My supervisor has some data including floorplans for a resort in QLD so I’ll do a project on that with 3D modelling, 3D network analyses and weave some other information he has into it.

What are you studying Aeons?


Final year environmental and landscape sciences at ANU,

Completing an advanced GIS and remote sensing course at the moment and learning some python etc next semester.

Might do my project on mapping C02 uptake of vegetation at a fine(ish) scale. It’s really about what data you can easily get access to.

Is this like astral projection? At the naturopathy school?

Nah more like Reiki bro

if anyone is interested in working with the strava api i can probz help out, since this kinda stuff is my day job, and i also have a side project which is a site based entirely on using the strava api :slight_smile:

Are you at RMIT?

Yes indeed

I did cartography and then swapped into civil engineering!

Its a fun course!

That’s quite a jump! What made you switch?

I transferred from surveying to geospatial halfway through second year because I found it more interesting. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s what I want to do long term but it’s all pretty interesting.

Year of the Cat, can I ask who your major project supervisor is? I’m curious because I graduated from the cartography program at RMIT over fifteen years ago (was then Bachelor of Applied Science (Cartog.)) and was wondering if all the old lecturers/academics are still around the traps. :slight_smile:

I have Gang Jun Liu for supervisor but I might have some input from Gita Pupedis as well. I think these lecturers have been at RMIT a while; Bill Cartwright (only at RMIT for one semester), Chris Bellman, Colin Arrowsmith, and Mark Shortis. Rod Deakin retired last year.

Do you still work in cartography or a related area?