Where do I get hiking maps/more detailed maps that cover trails, dirt roads and stuff? Or what’s the name of the cartography company that I should look for?

Thanks guys!

Rooftop Maps for VIC/NSW mountain areas.

The Rooftop guy is great… what a life he must have.

The vic map centre is the bomb, i get maps off them just so i dont have to stuff up the lamination myself. They cover all of Aus, will ship it out fast.
Melbourne Map Centre | Australian Topographic Maps

rooftop maps on this list
Melbourne Map Centre | Australian Maps

Thanks guys and yes the rooftop guy seems to be great. He just doesnt seem to have maps for my region or more specifically the area around Wisemans Ferry/Hawkesbury or maybe I’m too stupid to find them.

Depending on where you’re looking, you might be lucky just googling the area in general or trails in particular. 4wd forums are good for finding trails.
Recently I’ve found good maps online ala Brindabella Fire Management Management Stategy from NSW Enviro department and Buckenbowra State Forest from Forestry Corporation.

Yep done that and will continue doing so but printing out maps is just not the same. I dont have reception whatsoever in the area and having an actual map with me helps a lot. I also generally love maps.

Cool, wasn’t sure what kind of maps you were after.

you can download openstreetmap app and download maps to make them available offline using GPS, WCP put me onto it.

But yes sometimes a paper map is nice.

Paper maps are way better for route planning I reckon. Can’t help with your region though. Good luck!

Go to Land Titles and get some topographic maps. It will cost you a few dollars, but nothing beats folding out a big bit of paper.

Sydney Map Shop - Land and Property Information

Mapworks is in Melbourne but their online store is pretty good. I have a feeling they have more in store than online (maybe some more obscure topo maps?) so if you can’t find exactly what you want, might be worth a call. The lady there is rad, knows exactly what she’s got.

Mapworks- The Melbourne Map shop


Mapworks have loads more in store.

Husband and Wife team, doing it for 30+ years. Its so worth going in just to have a chat.