Marathon is coming to Melbourne again (28th & 29th august)

last time i was down with the band, i ate too much and meet some good dues. please help me continue this. nikcee and xbrendanx looking at you. ian human, you should come this time and tattoo yourself in the corner something.

dude, way to clash with dirty deeds!

what? again? you melbourne buggers and your bike events. last time it was fix up look sharp. haha. oh well.

going to try plan to come down for roubaix next year though. to ride, not play and clash some more haha.

seeya at the bowls club show.

i’ll come see bow-wow-els, gotta get dirty sunday…

and you realise that melbourne (aka TJ) has the ‘cute animals’ flyers on lockdown. you cant try that shit down here :wink:

she is in southeast asia or something with circuits isnt she? and yeah i know. i dont know who did that flyer also. i’ll just wait until i do a flyer for a brisbane show and just have people robbing graves on it.

hey sime, see you there.