Marathon Shows this week

sorry for the late notice to anyone who is interested. my band is playing shows thursday and friday in brisbane.

thursday at 299 (sntich) in the valley mall with extortion, i exist and sx\vzd (sexwizard). doors at 8.30 i think and $12. 18+.

friday at burst city (across from the museum dinosaurs) with vassals, thick skin, people rain and lo (from sydney) doors at 6 and $10.


Will. Be there , gypo, root beer, u guys keen?

im keen as, me and rooties saw these guys sydney show, Sex wizard and extortion were awesome. all the other marathon shows i’ve been to have killed as well, so ill defs be there.

Im going, do you have a link for Lo? havent heard them yet

Yeah me, jamie, root beer will be there.

so gyp, what happened to you last night? come down with a case of pussywussyitis?

cheers to jamie, jordan, kim, nathan, rootbeer and drunk as lindsay.

see some of you again tonight.

Lindsay was hilarious. Especially when he was sliding around brunswick st mall… Random dude: “Oi do that slide again” Lindsay: “No.” gang signs

fixed it for you

Good set last night at burst city, hope you have a good tour

Cut that I missed you @ Burst on Friday Johnson… Had to work and was still fucked from partying with the boys the night before… Chris said it was the best said you’ve ever played and talked about how he was the only person moshing to Converge… haha