Marin 2Spok

Marin Fixie Dual Aerospoke | eBay

Way to not tell anyone anything meaningful, dork.

at least he included the crucial information

“dura ace cog”

Great pictures, too.

yeah, i really like how he used one of the mac effects to make that last pic really ‘edgy’…

One colour , one black and white and one blurry
all the same photo
certified genius.

photoshop’s for suckaz! Apple Photobooth 4 lyf!

according to his ebay name he’s meant to be a computer geek and he cant even edit or even take a good photo, ffs.

great frame hav had no problems with it.

Must be a good frame!

you should get in quick because one stick around long

dis guy speekz da english good

Tell him he’s dreaming.