Mario Confente's Masi !!!

For the collector that has everything … John Pergolizzi is clearing out another timeless/priceless gem

Mario Confente’s Personal Masi Campagnolo Regina Cinelli Confente Bicycle | eBay

really! 19.5K

Bike’s he made have sold for the $14-$15k region. Really.

This is a bike he made for himself whilst working for Masi USA (before branching out on his own). It is increasingly rare, it’s verified and of certain provenance and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

It’s certainly causing a lot of chatter amongst collectors.

But being a respray, isn’t it really just a restoration of Mario Confente’s bike not his actual bike…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Double post.

No, real deal, no doubt about it.

Parts aren’t original, and it has been refinished but it is his frame and all the employee’s and owner of Masi USA at the time have agreed it’s his and have all known who has owned it since his passing away.

I just like it for the white and yellow paint !!

Exactly what I was getting at. How much do Confente branded bikes go for? He made sweet fck all of them.

Haha I’ve been keeping up with the CR shitfight and was making reference to that.

It’s still the frame Mario built for himself, it could be purple and it wouldn’t change that.

Yes, but it was originally white and yellow as this repaint shows.

Fwiw, I was at a swap meet in Trexlertown ¶ and watched/witnessed a fellow collector approach a guy with a Confente. Quick deal/haggle and $500 the collector walked away with a Confente. This was either 2001 or 2002.

Last few that have sold have been in the $14,000 region. So few were made, and they are coming onto the market even less these days which makes Mario’s personal bike something of a very unique and collectable bike.

Even Confente’s family in Italy had to pay market rate for one of his bikes (quite recently, frame #39) as they didn’t have any examples leftover of his art/craft/handiwork.

Like very valuable pieces of art that aren’t displayed to the public or rare violins that are too valuable to use, few Confente’s are ridden such is their worth. But that’s another discussion.

It’s def caused quite the stir on CR List…

I love a good scrap … :slight_smile: