Mash bolt


^^ looks like you raised the seat to a usable height too!!!

  1. Get a spok
  2. Remove the seat
  3. Remove your pants

I like everything about this…

… but I’d run black H+Son TB14’s and bar tape (or at least track grips).

But it’s your bike and it looks good. Enjoy it.

Ding ding ding!!!

The wheels on this bike shui fine, I wouldn’t ruin it with a spok!
Definitely tape the bars, or put some track grips on there.
The saddle doesn’t suit the build at all, plus I find older saddles uncomfortable in the thigh area.
And yeah, NOBR AKES 4 LYF

Please see the first post in page 1 for your prize.

Thanks! getting some bar tape this weekend.

TB14’s/ black open pro is definitely on my mind…

I agree! this saddle is a killer, any suggestion?

All of them, but I’m partial to old Unicanitors.

I had a San Marco Blaze that I let go with a bike once. Big regret yo. Felt good.

Fizik Arione. I say this to all customers but saddles are completely up to the individual the the way your body is. For me it’s Turbo on the ol’ school stuff and Arione on the new.

just put an arione on my mash, more comfy than a concor, but its black and the concor was red and now its all a bit plain, get a cinelli volare, pricey but they have the same cinelli logo on them, would tie in nicely i think

Cinelli volare is really nice, saw one on the bay for $245 US if i’m not mistaken. I think I might check out fizik arione…

i have one of these saddles, used it on the mash. IMO better than the concor I’m using at the moment

finally finished my ride for now, got rid of the turbo saddle and replaced em with arionne!

“scottridesabike” i couldn’t agree more, it’s really comfy!

Love it. i need to see it in person.

cheers man!

If your ever keen for a ride, come to the library steps on Monday at 7pm.

yeah will do man

Looks hot. Always got a soft spot for the MASH frames.

Thanks JLN!