MASH SF 2015 Now Available to Rent On-demand

Didn’t see this posted yet, while I would have liked to see a downloadable purchase still glad I can finally watch it here without paying an insane amount for shipping.


Just watched it for some Friday night fun, pretty cool, good to finally see something in HD, my original MASH DVD looks even blurrier now.

Man, these guys like their wide bars now, I must have been asleep when that happened. A lot more guys wearing helmets now to. Either way, was a fun way to spend an hour.

Just another #SOTB influence on the world.

I enjoyed it. The filming was top notch.
Even if it was such a mega advert for there bikes/ kit etc. it was still cool.

Watched this last night and there was not 1 barspin, backwards circle or fish and chips, disappointed

Rented last night, enjoyed. Same feels as the original ones, well filmed and a solid soundtrack.

5/5 Premium Rushes.

It’s all about the super wide bars now, which you can’t spin

Was thinking that while I was watching it but at the same time I was thinking if only all ads were this fun to watch.

This didn’t really bother me - not like it was veiled or subliminal, and pretty obvious considering they have developed their products off the back of a ‘movie’ they made long ago. That said, people still rode other bikes in it so I didn’t get the impression it was overtly advertisement-ee.