First decent picture i’ve seen of the new colourway.

Man, I wouldn’t mind that colourway instead of my colourway.

geometry could be a bit stiffer.

It’s also a 48cm frame.


You mean the COCK could be er… :roll:

Would the 48cm colourway be the same as the 57cm colourway?

I wouldn’t mind riding one.

PBK have the grey / white colour scheme for less than $1k AUD shipped. I would love to get one. Maybe next year I’ll look at getting a green / white one.

if my colourway was suddenly all green and white like that, i’d be seeing a healthcare professional toot-sweet. look after your colourway, boys: you only get one.

I still like the black COCK

it looks like a hard ride.

Now I can be like the MASH kids and ride COCK without protection… I mean helmet…