Masi 2008 Speciale Fixed

Anyone riden one of these have an opinion? Trying to decide to build up an old frame or go new for my first single speed/fixie.


link to info (fourth bike down)

contact this guy. good bloke, runs the sydneycyclist website. had one of them for a good few months now…

ive got a green 2008 one… it rides pretty hard… im from a hardtail background and havent had much experience with road bikes but ive been on mine for 2months commuting to work and i rate it… nice frame, feels light, nice wheel set and fairly good drive train… i reckon its a good way to get into fixies… esp if u dont have the time to fuck around finding parts for a biek u wanna build up

I’ve seen a few of them and they look pretty good for the price… but so do a lot of others in that price range. I reckon they’re the best looking though.
BikeNow in Sth Melb and Bikeforce in Richmond have them… fixed, road, single speed and cross.

Yeah seems like a decent bike, nice slightly relaxed track geometry. wheels are good, cranks are okay, same with the brake. I’m not sure what they’d do with the handle bar setup since it only has one brake, probably a dummy brake lever on the other side. water bottle bosses’ if you need… water bottles.

it is kinda expensive, though im not sure what else you can get in the same price range. Probably a schwinn madison or something similar.

a whole bunch of dudes talk about the bike here:

in aust it comes with 2 sets of brakes… i think dats the law

I think its only the law if you’re selling the bike.
Depends from state to state, but in WA im pretty sure its legal to ride brakeless… but illegal to ride without reflectors. lol (good logic)

don’t quote me on this