MASI 2012 line

Non-aero hoods and double toe straps on a road bike…?

It’s that, plus the clips for the brake cable, plus d/t shifters. I find it irksome. Like they realised that people weren’t fooled into thinking the new iteration of Masi is anything like the old one. The stuff they were already doing was nice, the roadie and street fixed were classic enough without being a wank. That roadie falls square into wanktown. IMHO.

Contrived, but it’s working. Masi bikes are now nowhere related to the Masi family. The name and brand is owned by Haro Bikes. For the most people don’t know shit and buy into these thinking they carry the myth, mystique and mojo of a real Masi.

Otoh … I’ve seen a few of these Masi’s made in the last year or so, and overall, and for the money I think they’re actually nicely done. The above bike is silly and shows how desperate they are to cash in “retro” and I fucken hate that word when it’s associated with bikes. It’s just dumb and I wish Taiwanese manufacturers would just trade on their own name, quality and value as it’s unbeatable. Cashing in on famous names of years gone by is just sad, but it’s proving to work.

For those interested, Alberto Masi trades under the name Milano3v Milano : Home Unfortunately even Alberto’s “retro” steel bike (the Nuovo Prestige) is built by a subcontractor, and the rest of the Masi line is subcontracted as well. Anyone who visits the old shop underneath the Vigorellli today will probably see a few bikes being assembled or repaired, that’s about it.
ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL: MASI, and the Velodromo Vigorelli

So for what it’s worth there is no such thing anymore as Masi. The rest of the Italian marques will follow the same route sooner or
later. And good riddance for almost everyone of them has been cashing in on past glory for too long … I said “almost”, there’s a few who make frames with passion, skill and with true artisanry. Italian made is now a laughable cliche.

gah. what a steaming pile of shit. modern geo, downtube shitters, non-aero hoods (fucken seriously???!!!), threadless stem, brake cable held on by shitty clips.
really, who conceives this shit?

We all enjoy retro-inspired, but they have just gone too far with this. Clips and straps for a road bike sold in 2011 is fucking stupid. Downtube shifters are passable, but again when you’ve got functional alternatives (at a similar price) like Sora brifters, why would you?
And the clipped on cables is something you’d see on a bike from the 60’s or 70’s, again no functional reason for doing it.
The frame itself is quite nice and if you got rid off half the bits you could potentially build up a nice bike.

Having said all this, what is the RRP on the road bike because if it’s only 500 dollars I guess you’d live with it.

These would make excellent track bikes.

I imagine the nuffs that walk into a bike store will eat this shit up.

Would have been better if they went with a lugged frame with classic geo and kitted it out with a modern group. But either way I wouldn’t ride one.

I would buy one of these in a clear-out.

I knew you’d say that son.

Ha !! Father knows best.

To be fair, the ‘Gran Criterium’ actually looks pretty good:

That one is done right: steel frame, modern components. Looks good.