Masi 3Volumetrica - Danny Clark

Couldn’t really say no to this when I came across it.

Frame: Masi 3Volumetrica (circa early 90s, I think USA made)
Cranks: Mavic 653 triple
Front Derailleur: Dura-ace 7400
Rear Derailleur: Dura-ace 7400
Shifters: Simplex
Rear Brake Caliper: Mavic 440 SSC
Front Brake Caliper: Tektro
Brake Lever: Shimano 600
Seat: San Marco Rolls “No Slip”
Handlebars: Mondolo AE 2093
Stem: Unbranded (any ideas?)
Front Wheel: Miche “Superfast” and Velocity rim
Rear Wheel: Shimano 600 with Velocity rim
Headset: Dura-ace HP7400

Raced by Danny Clark

Bonus dog pic

Bike has been well used but straight.
Plans are to replace most of the mismatched parts (ie front brake, cockpit and wheels) and to give the bike a service and get it up and running (currently front derailleur has no cable).
I also hope to get in contact with Danny Clark to find out some history about this bike.


Lovely. Can only be ridden with moustache.

Unreal! almost certainly clapped out though, with those legs having had their way with it. Best send it to Canberra so I can store it for you.

he raced with so much anger!!!

He’s on FB a bit eg in the ‘Cycling Scapbook’ group.


10/10 would.

Checked the serial to date it?

Didn’t think to check fb! Cheers.

Serial number 2312.
Did a quick search but didn’t find out conclusively. The whole Italian/US numbering is a mess.


Found this lolz worth article from '97. Interesting info on the frame especially the lugs and construction.

that bartape!