Masi speciale 2011


Haven’t been on in a while and I wish I wasn’t posting in this thread.
Late last night I had my bike stolen from the back of my work.
It was in the back corridor inside 2 doorways and it couldn’t have been seen from the street so I dont know how it is gone.
It is a black masi frame with pink velocity deep v’s with black hubs and a white selle saddle. It also has gold mks sylans with white toshi doubles.

If anyone could keep a lookout it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks everyone. [RIGHT][LEFT][/LEFT][/RIGHT]

What city? Suburb? Country?

Work stupor.

Sorry everyone, Melbourne, stolen from docklands out the back of James squires


posting a picture would help your plea considerably… would love to catch the fukkers that took it
bike thiefs, man lowest of the low