Massive team bike collection

:-o :-o :-o

Huge collection of bikes, mostly team issue I believe, plus walls of world champ jerseys , tools, parts.

Everything is pristine; track, road, TT, 'cross, and white bar tape/gum hoods all over.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like they ever get ridden.

Must show this to the wife… I do need a few more bikes. Shame mine aren’t in such condition

holy crap!

that frame is the stuff that wet dreams are made of!

WOW, now where did i put those tissues?

not impressed unless he’s got matching sets.

what’s the thing attached to the stem and fork on the blue bike on the left?

I really hope its a Hopey.

It’s a stayers bike, have a look at the forks, they’re reversed.

The rod provides extra support to the stem when the bars are extended further.

Short article on Stayers bikes by Dave Moulton.

very impressive indeed, what a fantastic set up, everything nicely arranged he must have spent thousands just on bike stands, sort of wonder what happens to collections like this when people pass on or whatever.
Have people heard that the Canberra bicycle museum is selling off their collection?
apparently as a bulk buy.


From the little info there is on that photoset, the owner is apparently a metalworker who made racks for the teams (for the cars?). So I figure he would also have made all those racks himself.