Matt Chester Fixies

Hi, Are ther any Matt Chester owners here in Australia? My dream fixie MTB and I was looking for some local feedback on how they ride…

Got no idea about a Matt Chester frames, but they look sweet and he seems like the real deal.

My old Specialized Rock Hopper is great as a fixie though.
Only problem is that its a suspension corrected frame with a non suspension corrected rigid fork and with 175mm cranks it makes for some interesting moments in the rocky areas around Mount Wellington here in Tassie, nothing that locking out the back wheel and sliding thorugh doesn’t fix.

You must be pretty cashed up !


Matt Chester makes nice bikes. I’ve seen a few Spot Brand MTB frames ( at Spoke(n) here in Melbourne. They’re expensive though and Steel not Titanium - I think I remember being quoted $1100AUD. Spot Brand also make Titanium, but they start at $2kUSD…

Let us know if you get one of Matts in. :slight_smile: