Mavic 631 Cranks

Hey just wondering if anybody know what BCD Mavic 631 are.

also, anybody had any hands-on experience with them?

heres a pic

Pretty sure the BCD is 130. I don’t know much else about them though.

Mavic 631 are 130.

I love velobase.

Velobase is awesome, thanks

Again, bloody French!

(I realise there is nothing strange about 130BCD, but I just felt like saying it again… :roll:)

yeah, fuckn french.

so does anybody on here own any?

How do the chain ring bolts work? do they just screw into the back or…?

one word.


yep screw in the back, you can also make them into triples and single as well as double using spacers, cool huh.

is that your rock lobster?

sigh. I could have got NOS 631s but it was before i was interested in variable transmissions.

oh well

unfortunately that is not my rock lobster, though it is very nice and I might just tell people it is anyway.