Mavic Group

Good luck getting that rear cluster off…

rare vintage road bike mavic ssc group set, campagnolo (eBay item 220764047281 end time 10-Apr-11 22:16:38 AEST) : Sport

I wouldn’t bother with the rear hub. There’s plenty of orphan rear hubs one eBay if you look around. The brake to make a pair will be harder to come upon. More worrying is the surface corrosion as it looks typical of a bike close to the ocean. It may come out with de-anodizing and a polish … hard to tell how bad it is. The derailleurs might be Ok.

Mavic group parts are a favourite of mine. The hubs are without peer for the era imo. As are the shifters (not offered here) which are made by Simplex. The “mechano set” derailleurs are well designed and even funkier to look at - yes you can take 'em all apart quite simply. I’m not a fan of the “starfish” cranks ( I prefer the earlier model) but plenty people like 'em a lot. The brakes are pretty good and made for Mavic by Modolo as were the Mavic branded stems and handlebars. The bottom brackets which are a sealed cartridge design were also way ahead of anything else but use proprietary chamferred lockring/cups. I’ve actually got a set of the handlebars on eBay so if anyone’s keen holla at me :wink:
Mavic also had headsets and seatposts and pedals as a part of their groupset.

Not to mention that this stuff is harder to come by, especially here in Oz. A nice alternative to the usual.

My riding buddy when young … Mimo … was a very Italian dude: fruit shop owner parents, drove a Fiat 124 coupe etc had a tout Mavic Kenevan’s and use to snub his nose at my Campagnolo equipped bike.

What about this one? Mavic ZAP MAVIC System 8000 group NIB/NOS very rare on eBay (end time 08-Apr-11 18:00:16 BST)