Mavic reinvent the wheel... again.

I can only assume they will make an ‘assplode’ tyre specifically for the R-SYS.

They also hint at developing their own wheel size standard - facepalm.

“The tyres will work with other manufacturers’ rims, and vice versa, but are designed to work best as an all-Mavic combination”


All that AND a stupid name :roll:

seems like they are just going to sell a tyre with their name on it
“At the moment, the dual compound tyres are being produced to Mavic’s specifications at a factory in Thailand which is used by several other big names in the bike industry.”

You’re got to be joking- Mavic want to create their own proprietary rim standard?!

the company came up with the idea after realising they couldn’t push the limits of existing wheel materials much further.

Um… it’s called a TUBULAR tyre?

2 clinchers they’ll never catch up with:

Veloflex Record

Vitt. Open Corsa Evo CX, the new 320 TPI ones are brilliant.

zipp were making their own tyres in an aerodynamic shape
they said that their tyres coupled with their rims produced less drag.

Zipp tubbies were made by Tufo. The ones I had looked pretty round (ie normal).