Max De Rosa Pursuit Road Framset

Max - Check

Pursuit - Check

De Rosa - 50/50

I ain’t 100% convinced its a legit De Rosa until i see panto or legit serial numbers but this thing is dope.

Worth a look though for the built pics - De Rosa time trial frame & fork, derosa, columbus max, campagnolo, colnago | eBay

Hmmm…was this the frame Ugo practiced his welding technique?

De Rosa Bicycles - BIKEADELIC: De Rosa TT 1990 - Rudolfo Massi, Ariostea

Nah thats just TIG welding for you. Plus Max is a bitch to work with.


i aint 100% convinced this is a pursuit frame seeing as it is a road TT frame

Same shit different smell. I was referring the 700/650 combo. Thats just me associating one with the other.

You can make TIG welds much much prettier than that, I’d say it’s a shit weld, just look at welds done by people like firefly cycles for examples of sexy welds

Though I still agree with this

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, as I don’t have a wife to impose limits for me, I’m limiting myself to lugged MAX when it comes to steel…