Mc Bain

I don’t suppose anyone here knows of this Tasmanian pony?

No but it’s got those horrible gold plasticky looking Velocity wheels that Abbottsford have in their window.

This the only McBain that matters.

Yeah! That’s Clinton’s pushie!! Wait to ya see his 2nd track frame! GOLD!! Literally eh!.. He must have only just finished putting it together like a week ago…

I’m keen to see it in person, it looks sweet in the photos.

Here are some more snaps of this damn fine bike. Looks so nice.

Thats one sweet lookin ride al’right! Love the wheels. If I was to change one thing though it’d be the seat, I reckon it needs a white Rolls, noice, very noice!

its a bewt.

does “styled by mcbain cycles” mean it was made by them/him? thats a nice little BOM stamp in the DT lug.

you mean ‘white Selle San Marco Regal ti

Agreed, with perforations and rivets though or nothing :wink:

Not sure to be honest. There are a fair few McBain frames floating around Tasmania. Next time I’m in the shop I’ll try remember to ask if they actually made them. My Ken Self is Tasmanian made, so they were definitely some frames being built here.