McBain Record 1982.

[See here for the story so far researching the bike’s history.]

The first thing I did when I got it home was pull it all apart. Although some components looked hardly used, others were corroded – probably as a result of poor storage rather than reckless riding. The frame had its fair share of chips, scratches and rust, but seemed straight with no obvious dents.

I set myself a discipline that everything on this project had to be available in 1982. Seeing as only an oval shaped Dura-Ace AX seat post fits the aero tubing, it wasn’t too difficult to pick the era. Initially I wanted to get the Dura-Ace AX group set to match the seat post and stem, but I canned that as soon as I discovered it was a road ensemble.

The spokes were rusted rods and I didn’t want to ride tubulars on the street, but I did like the Maillard hubs, so I unlaced the wheels, refurbished the hubs (which were in excellent condition under a layer of grime), and looked for some clincher rims.

The Shimano 600 cranks travelled a little too close to the chain stays, not to mention creating a rubbish chain line. After some research I discovered they were JIS on an ISO bottom bracket. This opened the door for a set of Dura-Ace track cranks that I felt the bike deserved. I managed to land a set with French pedal threads, but that wasn’t a problem as there was already a bit of French in the mix with the hubs.

Once I found out it was indeed a McBain with original paint I was reluctant to change it. The rusty chips and scratches grew on me. I was going to give it a clear coat, but I preferred to put the budget into the period correct parts I wanted. I would like to re-paint it as per the original scheme one day.

I sourced a sweet set of Mavic clincher rims…so now what? I was new to the bike mechanic role, and here I was considering building a set of wheels! After much debate, I decided to give it a go – partly to save money and partly to advance my education. It also gave me the opportunity to lace up using a fancy spoke pattern that I had always admired. It took a lot of time and tested my patience, but I’m so glad I gave it a go.

I did all the work myself, so I thought it would fall apart the minute I turned a pedal. On the contrary, it rides brilliantly and I’m really happy with it. Next I will install a clamp-on front brake and possibly get a 46T Dura-Ace cold forged chainring just to lower the GI’s a touch.


McBain Record, 54 ST/57 TT
Tange Aero Dynamic tubing

Concor San Marco Supercorsa
Dura Ace AX oval seat post

Cinelli Pista handlebars
Dura-Ace AX 110mm stem
Dura-Ace headset

Sugino MW-68 bottom bracket
Dura-Ace 151 BCD, 165mm track cranks
Shimano track 51T chainring
Spidel/Maillard track pedals
Lapize clips and straps
MKK chain
Dura-Ace alloy 16T sprocket
Dura-Ace lockring

Maillard Galli high flange hubs
DT Swiss Competition spokes
Mavic Module E 700C, 36H clincher rims
Panaracer Pasela TourGuard 700 x 23C tyres

Dave S, 2joes2, SanEsteban, ben_is_fixed, Brad Holt (photography) and Mrs P!N2.

real nice work there mate, good choice in keeping the original paint.

go team McBain!

nice and well executed…

unfortunately in Sydney these days hipsters rule the fixed scene and they are all too concerned with color-ways and matching 'herospokes not nice track bikes with period parts, or riding the damn things any where fast…

Stunning! Lovely bike and a great back story to it too. I remember going through the same feeling after completely building up my road bike from scratch (first wheel build as well) but I was also so glad that I did, and that thing rides like a dream. Good stuff!

soooooo good!

Hot damn that is a nice build, and one that’s obviously got a lot of thought put into it. It’ll be a bike where people will see it on the street and go ‘oh yeah, that looks okay’ and then wonder why there are guys walking past the double-spokked bianchi pistas and stopping dead in their tracks for this. Would love to see it with the original paint restored, would be a really fitting tribute to both the bike and your effort in the build.

Great story, great pix, great build.

wow i love this bike! i love how you put so much thought into it and i love the story behind it.

shit, i was just re-reading the original thread and only now realised you found out it was indeed a McBain! awesomeness!

Beautiful! And what a tight front end!

How are you finding the paselas? I just got a pair on my Mavic MA2’s, here’s hoping they are durable as they are super hard to get on/off the rim.

that is sexy!!! love the lacing on the rear!!! wow!! fantastic job!!!

insanely jealous

Thanks all for the kind words. It’s nice to post this up after receiving so much inspiration and education off this forum…and a lot of laughs!

I probably haven’t gone far enough yet to give you a detailed critique, but they seem pretty tough and quite a bit harder than the Gators on my other bike.

very, very good.

i too am fond of the patina of wear. clear coat and leave!

Looks great!

Agreed. Very nice looking build!

Does look great with the patina

Love your work, frame looks great as is & the parts selection suits well:cool:

Very classy. I feel inspired to (one day) find all period parts for my McSomething