McBain Record

That frame is sexy.
Really surprised you’ve gotten any info…

Would be nice to see it set up… Good luck

Interestingly enough a mate of mine rides a chrome frame that we picked up from McBains. I wonder if it belonged to any of the afore mentioned people.

^ I’ll try to get hold of Ian Hall in the next few days, I will ask him what happened to his chrome track bike.

I’ve kept the previous owner of the red frame in the loop - he is adamant that Rod told him it was Simon (“Sim”) Hall. But as I said, prehaps it wasn’t Simon’s bike, he just took it to the shop. Good luck!

^ Oh, okay…perhaps I won’t call Ian.

I also posted this up on the BNA forums, was surprised with the lack of response - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Who made this ‘McBain Record’?

Nah call him for sure! And don’t forget to ask how tall him and Simon are!!

Quick update…

Based on the very few examples I can find of aero tubed frames from the late 70’s/early 80’s, the tubing is Tange Aero, mainly using this 1984 Vista Aero as a reference, which reinforces my theory of mine being from the early 80’s. It also has similar forks to Ben_is_Fixed’s aero tubed pony here, which he confirmed is Tange. (Tange like rang or fang or Tange like flange?)

So my next line of questioning will be: which Australian frame builders* operating during this period used Tange Aero tubing?

  • Possibly I am being a little presumptuous that is from an Australian frame builder, but I have to start somewhere!

Tang - geh

Joe Cosgrove (Frezoni) used aero tubing, but it was probably Columbus. I bet Soren Son used aero tubes at some point too, they did everything else.

^ Cheers Blakey.

Also forgot to mention some detail photos can be found here.

Did it come with a seatpost? let me know if you need one.

Yeah it did, a Dura-Ace AX number like this:

However, it has quite a few dings to the rear thanks to the grub screw fixing. What have you got?

mine came with the ax post as well, its in pretty good nik.
Also won a NOS one a few weeks back on ebay, seller was from tassie.

^ The plot thickens…

and the sellers name was ian:eek:

Ian Smith to be precise, and here’s what he had to say:

[i]Hi Lyndon,

talk about obscure! You must be the luckiest bloke in the world tho - spoke to a good mate who was working for Kev, and bought the Lonnie shop from him back in the day - it is definately a McBain build and not a respray. Confirmed that they were using Shimano dropouts on the aero jobbies. Possibly owned by Bobby Burrows in Hobart, but there were a few around apparently.

Hope that helps!


Awesome!! Good to see your hard work/research paid off.

My frame next?:wink: