McBain Track Frame

Vintage Track Frame Mcbain Record RARE Track/Fixie (eBay item 260704081694 end time 16-Dec-10 20:40:34 AEDST) : Sport

Anyone here?

that looks terrible.

^ You mean the colours?

Yeah it’s mine. As the ad says the colours ended up a disaster and I don’t have the time to fix it. If it doesn’t sell I’ll probably eventually get it re coated in blue which was the plan.

Still a fantastic frame with unique details which will look great once done properly.

yes sir.

Now that’s real powder coat, so I want to see goggles, people!

Oh, is this the once red one?

That’s the one. Even the coater was shocked at how different the “gold” was when compared to the sample. The red was me mucking around in the mean time.
Anyway for ~$80 the new owner can get it done in any colour they want.

Did you paint it with the BB installed?

It’s just the fixed cup that’s been painted over because the powder coater forgot to tape it up. Otherwise the bb has been re greased and spins a treat.

How hard is it to get it out and replace it with a cartridge BB? Will it wreck the paint already on the BB?
It’ll probably have to be re-faced right?

Fixed cups by their nature are generally very hard to get out because once they are in removing them is not generally recommended. Im sure a bike mechanic will be able to remove it.
I’m sure if you were to run a blade around the edge then it shouldn’t really damage the paint, but as I have never done it before then i cant guarantee the result.

Get it, strip it, PAINT it.

It’s mine!!

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