McLACHLAN, Galaxie


Mclachlan columbus sl track frame & fork, St 61cm Tt 59cm
Nitto jaguar stem and seat post
Nitto B123 Black Steel Drops with 2 pair sparkle Champ grips
San Marco Concor saddle(re-release)
Phil Wood high flange 36h laced to H Plus Son F30’s with Sapim straight gauge race spoke’s 3x
(looking to get them solder’d and tied)
Conti rim tape and tube’s with gator skins 700x25
Sugino grand mighty crank set, Sugino 75 chain ring 46t
Phil Wood stainless bb
Izumi V chain
dura ace 13t and 16th cogs
mks sylvian’s with mks cages and mks double straps
(soon as my sidi’s arrive these are to be changed to time attack alums)
BBB head set(any body got a nice italian sized head set for sale preferably silver??)
any parts i missed???

thanks heaps to any one and every one who gave me tips, sold me parts and replied to my dumb arse pm’s with help
thanks to bryan at elite cycles for doing the wheel build fucking awesome

more on my flickr

my house mate affectionately named this Galaxie(ala galaxy and fixie) last night as its sparkly like the sky and shinny like a ufo plus i goes fast on it… man i love house mates with dmt addictions

mods any way i can change this threads name instead of creating a new one

Frame looks really nice! Would definitely look great in the sun because do I see a hint of glitter?

I think you may have come into Human Powered late last year/early this year with a slightly broken road conversion with those wheels on it. Or maybe I’m confused.

None the less, I look forward to seeing this thing when it’s finished.


seat angle is different + wheel colour

Hawt, man i’m so shattered i didn’t get this frame, super sexy.

Can’t wait for some nice day time shots to really show the sparkle off, seat angle what’s going on there though?

What wheels do you have on the way and how are you finding the stem after you mentioned you were a little anxious using it?

definitely see a hint of glitter in the 4th pic, daytime pics nooooooowwww ( well not now since its night time right now in perth)

Nice contraceptive seat angle - am crossing my legs after looking at it…

(The rest looks great though.)


I think it would look better having the tyres match up but otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing. BTW is that a zaffiro on the back?

thank’s guy’s

rooster. yep was me awesome memory man, and yes its got a pretty solid covering of blue and some slight gold sparkle’s, even my champ grips sparkle(im vain they had to match)

jontay, i like the seat pointed like that, could go down a smidgen i guess but its comfy and stops me slipping off the front of the seat if you get what im saying…plus i don’t really feel like having kids right now so meh
and do you mean my tyres are different colours? or you like the yellow rim’s??? im lost here, but thanks

should get smoe morning shot’s tomorrow

im getting high polish 36h high flange phil woods laced to these

high polish h plus son F30’s, plus getting a phil bb too YOOO!

stem’s not to bad a little twitchy(its only 90mm) but i do have "R1z0rz!!1!"s on it at the mo, so when i get the drops on and my face is a little closer to the sharp end i my feel differently

yep zaffiro on the back, they suck as back tires because they we’re out so quick but its the only tire i had, and i got some gator’s on the way so it will do for now… it does have a nice and low rolling resistance though so thats cool

front wheel is a conti gp 4000, FTW! these tires rule! ive had it on the front for nearly 6 months now, maybe i just dont ride enough but its still awesome

I think I’ve seen you riding this around.

either today or yesterday as i only got it rolling in the morning yesterday

cool, gimmie a shout out next time, always keen to meet more perth peep’s, if we get some nice weather soon and i stop working nights i’ll try and organise a ride

bike looks dope!
parts list?

and also,
ride on friday
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and also, what mudguard is that?
im looking for one thats cheap and preferably in perth but dont know where to look haha

have you tried a bike store?

hahah yes!

HAHA good point about the kids… i was talking about colour choice, cool bananas tho =) PHIL WOOD! going to look smick

can’t wait to see finshed pics of both bikes!

Effin finally!

Pity you couldnt make the $$ to get a bike rolling over here…

We will be glad to tow you and that bike around town when you come back. :slight_smile:

aside from the seat angle - which would work better than the pill - this is a pretty damn sweet build.

brendan considering what happened las time i posted a bike on this forum… that means no much… im gonna cry a little…

ok so i guess can people at east tell me how the seat should sit, flat? pointed up, but less up, pointed down? am interested to hear

looking at bailing over to melbs in a month or 2 if plans stay the way they are… which they wont…

and i think its a zefal one, there are heaps around i got mine at the start of summer in melb last year… coz that when you need one aparently but have seen them in fleet and elite plus im sure all other stores would have them as the boys said

See rule 48: The Rules

Nice work on the McLachlan…looks like a tall mother far car, can you touch the ground while stationary?

That Merckx tease is just cruel…

I like that frame… what size is it? The final build should lookd pretty swish.

Oh yeah… the Kuwahara that got the power tool treatment. So did you guys hire a room in Melbourne or what? :stuck_out_tongue: